Manufacturer's recommendations

Manufacturer's Recommendations / Mattress Care:

1. We recommend placing the mattress on a wooden grill. We recommend choosing grilles with 3-5 cm spacing between tables. This will not damage the structure of the mattress and provide air permeability. The mattress is unsuitable for standing on a solid wooden base and metal grille - it may damage the structure of the mattress. Such bed bases prevent the air from circulating freely, so moisture begins to build up and mold can form.

2. We recommend that you rotate and ventilate the product (swap sides of the mattress, toe cap) for even wear and longer life. If the mattress you have purchased is both sides of the mattress, we recommend that you use it also every 2-3 months (flip the other side over, swap the headboard with the foot).

3. The seller provides an 5 year warranty on the physical properties and comfort of the mattresses, however, it is advisable to change the mattress every 7 year based on the advice of hygienists.

4. Mattresses are recommended for people up to 130 kg. People who weigh more than the recommendation may also use the mattress, but in such cases the free warranty service of the mattress is not applicable.

5. Mattresses are not intended for washing. Only linens can be washed or otherwise cleaned (see liner care label). Everyone MARVETI The mattresses are comfortable and practical and easy to maintain as the covers are made with a zipper.