Exchange and Return Rules


1 General provisions

1.1. These Rules for Exchange and Return of Goods (the “Rules”) apply to goods provided by Argutus, UAB, legal entity code 300063434, address Oslo g. 1, Vilnius, sells through the online store at sells to consumers ("Customer").

1.2. hereby sets forth the information which must be provided to the Client in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

2. Conditions and procedure for exchange and return of quality goods

2.1. The Customer may return a quality product and replace it with an analogous or other product or recover the money paid for the product (money back guarantee) within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery (unless a longer period is specified in the relevant document provided to the Customer).

2.2. Money back and / or product replacement guarantee can be used by the Customer if the goods have not been used, are undamaged, have not lost their appearance, have retained their consumer properties and the Customer has evidence that he bought the goods from the e-shop

2.3. By returning a quality product, the Customer agrees that the returned product will be re-evaluated in the e-shop representatives. If the Product does not comply with the requirements of these Rules, the Product shall be returned to the Customer. the representative must contact the Customer with the contacts specified by him regarding the method of delivery of the goods to the Customer. If the returned item does not meet the requirements of these Terms and Conditions and the Customer refuses to accept the returned item or the item fails to return to the Customer due to outside reasons, store the item for no more than 30 (thirty) calendar days from the last the date of the agent's contact with the Customer regarding the manner of delivery of the item. The cost of shipping quality goods shall be borne by the Customer.

2.4. Returned goods of suitable quality must meet the following requirements:

2.4.1. The returned product must be in the original, neat packaging;

2.4.2. The returned product must be undamaged by the Customer, the consumer properties of the returned product must be preserved, the product must be in the same configuration (including gifts and other accessories) as received by the Customer;

2.4.3. The returned product must be unused by the Customer;

2.4.4. The returned goods must not have lost their commercial appearance;

2.5. When returning the goods, the Return of Goods Act is filled in, which is presented to the seller together with the returned goods.

2.6. A certificate of return (value added tax invoice, invoice, payment card invoice statement, payment card reader check, etc.) is attached to the Goods Return Act. If the Customer does not submit the document confirming the purchase of the goods, the goods are replaced or other requirements of the Customer specified in the Return of Goods Act are fulfilled only with the consent of the seller.

2.7. It is possible to change a quality product to an analogous or another product only once. If the Customer wishes to exchange a quality product for a new, more expensive product, the Customer pays the difference in the increased price.

2.8. All complaints can be submitted by email margarita, by phone number + 370 615 91 225, or in writing Argutus, UAB, Oslo g.1, Vilnius. The Seller shall have the right to investigate complaints within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt, unless otherwise provided by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. In complex cases, this period may be extended by an additional 15 (fifteen) days. Responses to complaints shall be provided to the Customer by e-mail, telephone, or at the address specified by the Customer.

4. Conditions and procedure for return of defective goods

4.1. In case of purchase of a product of poor quality, the Customer shall have the rights specified in the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Rules of Retail Trade (Government Resolution No. 697; 2001-06-11).

4.2. Return of defective goods within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania to the Customer shall be free of charge during the warranty period (year 2).

4.3. During the warranty period (Year 2), Customer may require free of charge repair of defective product, replacement of defective product with analogous or other quality product, claim price reduction or unilateral cancellation of the contract and claim a refund. The customer is not entitled to terminate the contract if the defect is insignificant. If the Customer wishes to replace the defective product with a new, more expensive item, the Customer shall pay the difference in the increased price.

4.4. The warranty period for the item starts from the date of delivery.

4.5. The warranty period for the item is not restarted after the product is covered by the warranty - the warranty period is calculated from the date of original delivery of the item. The period during which the Customer was unable to use the item due to defects is not added to the warranty period.

4.6. Unless otherwise agreed between the Customer and the Seller, the Goods shall be delivered no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of acceptance of the Customer's order for replacement of the Item (s).

5. Payment and delivery of goods

5.1. If the Customer pays the full price of the product by bank transfer in advance via the selected online bank, the delivery of the product to the Customer also means the Seller's confirmation that the product has been properly paid - in which case the Customer signs the relevant documents confirming receipt of the product. When paying for the product in cash or by bank card at the time of delivery / collection, the relevant documents confirming the receipt of the product and the fact of payment for the product are signed.

5.2. The term of delivery of the goods is selected at the time of sale and may last from 4 working days to 33 working days from the day of acceptance of the Customer's order, unless the Customer and the Seller have agreed or provided otherwise.

5.3. Manufactured and ready for delivery goods paid for by the Customer are stored in the warehouse for 30 calendar days, unless otherwise agreed between the Seller and the Customer. If the Customer is late in accepting the goods, the Customer shall be deemed to have refused the goods and the advance shall not be refunded. Manufactured and ready for delivery unpaid Customer's goods are stored in the warehouse for 14 calendar days, unless the Seller and the Customer have agreed otherwise.

5.4. The name and main features of the product are given in the instructions for use of the product attached to the consignment.

6. Product usage guidelines and general warranty service terms

Warranty: 5 YEAR

Thank you and glad you chose MARVETI product. To help you sleep peacefully and comfortably, we have come up with product recommendations that will help you not only enjoy the mattress for longer, but also benefit from the warranty that comes with it.

General conditions:

1. The warranty does not apply to:

    1.1. If the buyer did not follow the manufacturer's recommendations and misused the product (see Manufacturer's Recommendations).

    1.2. If the product has been disassembled, repaired or damaged, its design without the manufacturer's consent.

    1.3. If the buyer fails to provide proof of purchase at the time of the warranty claim.

    1.4. If the mattress that is being returned is not properly packed or is not packed at all. The mattress must be packed in such a way that it is not soiled during transport.

    1.5. Due to the specific smell of the materials used in the mattresses. The smell of the product is not a production defect. Most products may have a specific odor, but in ventilated rooms it disappears within 5-7 days.

2. Using the product may change its softness. This is due to the physical properties of the materials. Softness up to 15% is not a defective product. Partial increase in softness is permissible and in such cases the manufacturer is not required to replace the mattress.

3. Wearing the mattress under maximum pressure can puncture. Up to 10% of the height of the base does not affect the properties of the mattress. The warranty applies to mattresses which have undergone a major deformation during the warranty period.

4. To claim a defective product, the Buyer must have proof of purchase, be familiar with the terms of the warranty and enforce them.

5. The claim shall be submitted in writing to the Buyer by e-mail. by email margarita

6. Upon receipt of a claim, the seller undertakes to contact the buyer within five (5) business days to arrange for a product inspection to determine the condition of the mattress and the cause of the defect.

Warranty terms:

1. The mattress base comes with an 5 (five) year commercial warranty. If the claim is made and the defects in the product are deemed warranted, the Seller may replace the defective parts of the product or the entire product with another mattress of the same or similar composition and characteristics.