MARVETI Sensitive

MARVETI Sensitive

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MARVETI Sensitive medium hard, comfortable and exceptionally elastic mattress.  For extra comfort, one side of the mattress is covered with viscoelastic material. Body-adjusting, pressure-relieving material due to its unique properties ensures significantly less pressure on the heaviest parts of the body. The viscoelastic polyurethane foam absorbs the body weight of the person, so that the person lying on the mattress is in a state of weightlessness, relaxes and plunges into a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. The other side of the mattress is covered with latex, the material is elastic and soft, does not emit any sound and does not multiply dust mites. The base of the mattress consists of a rigid Pocket spring unit, which adapts to individual body pressure, providing a firm support and non-transmitting motion. The spring mattresses adjust to the weight of the person for comfort, comfortable and relaxed rest. MARVETI Sensitive mattresses are used in high quality, safe and  certified springs.

The height of this all-purpose mattress with cover 24 cm.

The mattress cover is made of soft, anti-allergic fabric that is comfortable to touch. The cover has a zipper for easy removal. If necessary, wash up to 40 degrees.

Recommended for people up to 130 kg.

The mattress comes with 2 year warranty.