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MARVETI Soft medium-hard, high-quality double-sided spring mattress with the option of a harder or softer bed base.  Classic, popular, independent spring block (Pocket) with a unique molecular structure of viscoelastic (memory foam) foam polyurethane sheet. Proper body position reduces body strain. This mattress is appreciated for its elasticity and orthopedic properties.  You will feel tiredness disappear and tense muscles relax. For a slightly firmer base, just flip this mattress over as it is double sided and you will sleep on a highly elastic polyurethane foam surface with a latex layer. Latex is elastic and soft, does not emit any sound and does not multiply dust mites. Feel the unique feeling of lightness. The spring mattresses adjust to the weight of the person for comfort, comfortable and relaxed rest. MARVETI Soft mattresses use high quality, safe and  certified springs.

The height of this mattress with cover 25 cm.

The mattress cover is made of soft, anti-allergic fabric that is comfortable to touch. The cover has a zipper for easy removal. Wash up to 40o C if necessary.

Recommended for people up to 130 kg.

The mattress comes with 2 year warranty.