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MARVETI T Pocket COCO practical medium hard mattress. The base of the mattress is made of high quality and durable Pocket spring block, which on one side is covered with coconut fiber board. An important feature of this material is its exceptional air permeability and stiffness, as well as the anti-bacterial properties of the coconut fiber, so it remains elastic for a long time. The other side of the mattress is covered with a polyethylene foam sheet with increased breathability. This mattress is appreciated for its elasticity and orthopedic properties.

MARVETI T Pocket COCO means maximum air permeability, excellent performance and durability. The mattress is manufactured using certified, environmentally and human friendly materials. The height of this all-purpose mattress with cover 22 cm. The mattress cover is made of soft, anti-allergic fabric that is comfortable to touch. Stitched with anti-allergic foam on both sides.

Recommended for people up to 130 kg. The mattress comes with 2 year warranty.